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Would You Like Fries With That?

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A community dedicated to giving a voice to the faceless masses!
Back on February 11, 1999...Richie (Richard) Jackson decided to write his first mailing list newsletter...Would You Like Fries With That? It was locally popular within the Washington, IL area.

Within that same year, Richie and his friends decided to produce their first video. It was pretty tacky, but it was a start for the gang.

Over the years, Richie had been writing newsletters, blogs, etc. until in 2005 when he decided to finally create WYLFWT.com on June 29, 2005. The website was then redesigned on August 9, 2005. From that point on the website grew beyond anything Richie had ever done. He then had a vision at the beginning of this year...

What if we were to create a website simply dedicated to artistic creativity of all types. This includes videos, poetry, fiction, webcomics, webradio, art, music, and much more! All of this, and there is still the articles that could generally be found in old newsletter are now on the front page.

Our mission is clear and simple, we want to provide an outlet for you to express yourself without the worry of getting censored. We've essentially given anyone who wants to say something the place to say it uncensored, even if it's just a recipe for their mom's bunt cake. We want to give the voice to the faceless masses!